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1.The Name of the Society

The Society is called “Koganemushi-Kenkyukai” in Japanese, and “The Japanese Society of Scarabaeoidology” in English.


The object of the Society shall be to conduct researches on Scarabaeoidae and to promote the exchange of information and views between members, and to establish an amicable relation with relevant academic associations and fellow societies in the world and also to conduct theexchange of bulletins, papers and document with them.

3.Bulletins and Liaison Papers

The society shall issue bulletins “KOGANE” (end of July) and liaison paper“Saikaku Tsushin” (end of Apr. and Oct.) in principle. The Society also issues extra numbers of bulletins and papers on occasion. The copyright of the writing printed on the bulletins and papers shall in principle belong to the Society.


The general meeting of the Society is convened once a year. The general meeting shall discuss and determine important matters ona the management. Normal / regular meetings are held on occasion.


The Society appoints one executive manager, about ten managers and some advisers for its officers. The executive manager shall represent the Society. The executive manager and the managers shall cooperate with each other and share the charges of the business, and manage the Society. The advisers shall provide advises on the management of the Society.


The executive manager and managers shall constitute the managers’meeting and discuss the management of the Society on occasion.

7.Admission and Withdrawal

A person who has paid Yen 5,000 for the annual fee shall be registered as a member. When a member intends to withdraw, he shall inform the Society accordingly. When a member fails to pay the fee over one year, he/she is regarded as has withdrawn. Membership fee already paid shall not be refunded.

A member who lives outside of Japan shall remit Japanese-Yen 6,000 by Postal MoneyOrder to the following person’s address (not to account). Bank remittance is not acceptable because of expensive bank commision here. Sending to overseas shall once a year at the time of “KOGANE” publish enclosing“Saikaku Tsushin” together.

A lump-sum payment of the annual fee is acceptable up to 3 years, but no refund at any reason.

8.Contact address and Account

The contact address of the Society is as follows.

Postal address : The Japanese Society of Scarabaeoidology secretariat
2-22-4, Hamadayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 168-0065 Japan
E-mail address : info@kogane.jp
URL address : http://www.kogane.jp/

Postal Giro Account : No.00180-0-543440
Bank Account : Mizuho Bank Nihonbashi Branch No.1863085

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