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On the change of the English name of the society


According to article 1 of the rules of our society, the English name of the society is “The Japanese Society of Scarabaeoideans”. “Scarabaeoideans” is intended to mean ‘Scarabaeoidologists’ and/or ‘Scarab-enthusiast’. However, the council of the society has received the following comments from several foreign members: the English name “The Japanese Society of Scarabaeoideans” is inappropriate because ‘Scarabaeoideans’ appears to mean ‘insects of the superfamily Scarabaeoidea’. The council members discussed this problem, consulted the experts, including non-members, and concluded that the Englishname should be changed to “The Japanese Society of Scarabaeoidology”.

Since the English name of the society is defined in the rules of the society, the change of the English name needs to be authorized by the decision of a general meeting. However, the council members decided to begin an application of the new English name with the present volume because the inappropriate name should be replaced as soon as possible. The new English name will be authorized in an annual general meeting held this autumn. We, the council members, hope the society members understand the situation and kindly accept our actions and proposal.

16 March, 2011
Masayuki Fujioka (President)

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